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Leading Expert In Managing Estate Investment Trust In Emerging Markets

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Wider Real Estate Opportunities

Investment portfolio ranging from raw land developing to luxury apartments

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Structural Real Estate Management

Well stand on every economic circle by structuring global fund structures


Brazil-based Real Estate Investment Trust ("REIT") established principally to invest, directly or indirectly, in a portfolio of income-producing real estate which is used primarily for retail purposes in South America, as well as luxury apartment development, land development and real estate-related assets.

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To be the most valued real estate investment trust in Brazil which is committed to delivering long-term superior returns to our unitholders.

To create and deliver superior returns to our investors through growth and value creation in our assets, products and services, unconstrained by boundary and reach.

To be the landlord of choice for our tenants and shoppers and be committed in our delivery of quality products and services.

To be a forward-thinking real estate company with strong management expertise.


1. Tapping and developing best talents from our global workforce.

2. Cultivating a spirit of innovation and enterprise.

3. Executing our projects well.

4. Being financially disciplined to earn best risk-adjusted returns.

5. Clarity of focus and operating within our core competence.

6. Being prepared for the future.


There is a saying that every dark cloud has a silver lining. The current situation in Brazil is just like one of those dark clouds. For foreigners, the Brazilian real estate market presents a great opportunity, but it may not last long. While many investors are worried about investing in Brazil, people who really know how to invest are having other thoughts. It’s true that the best investment opportunities are in markets that are temporarily in a down phase and this is exactly what Brazil is going through at present. The currency is down, growth is down and the political situation is not at its best. Except for the fall in commodities prices, all the major problems that the country is currently facing are internally generated.Foreign investors looking to invest in real estate have a combination of factors working in their favor. The prices are down and the Brazilian Real is now 50% cheaper than it was before. Compared to the days before the crisis, foreigners can currently buy the same property at much lower prices in their home currency. The other advantage is that currently, the Brazilian real estate market is a buyer’s market, which means that buyers can bargain hard and there is a large selections to choose from.

Fully Qualified Manager

HouseTech sources the best talents with fully qualified professionalism to manage the real estate trusts across all the Brazilian cities.

Awesome Projects Only

HouseTech guarantees five-star selections for each real estate porfolio and no involvement into any assets in leveraged structure.

Safety Promise

HouseTech connects only risk free government-backed communitiy projects and low-risk luxury apartment projects to the end investors.

Premium Return

HouseTech persues premium return on investment by combining both traditional raw land developing and modern apartment managing.


Find out HouseTech's luxury apartments, floorplans, land and farm projects, and all planning drafts.Our Real Estate team adds value across Investment, Development and Technical Services. We have a track record of ensuring high-profile projects, be they acquisition, development or investment management are delivered with a solid return on investment. We have a highly experienced team in real estate, strategy, finance, administration, fund management and property services. The Real Estate offering includes two key areas: Investment and Advisory.We utilise our capability and a variety of sources to identify investment opportunities and provide strategic advice on asset selection and location to meet client’s requirements in terms of risk and returns. Our team additionally provide hands-on expertise including recommending and helping to appoint and briefing the project team. We also issue procedures, advise on procurement and contract and manage development programmes from inception to completion. Our services are applied to meet a client’s precise requirements. They range from being embedded in a client organisation to provide internal support to a more traditional external consultancy role.

Performance TABLE

Latin America's geographic location provides a strategic advantage to foreign investors in its commercial real estate. Performance in commercial real estate markets has a domino effect on residential, boosting prices as commercial activity increases, creating jobs and building prosperity. In the aftermath of the World Cup, Brazil's real estate sector continues to boom, particularly in the commercial property market. With commercial growth set to continue, now is an opportune time to look for investments in Brazil's residential property market.

Home Properties

ROI Up to 30%Year

  • Free International Trade Account
  • Free Consulting
  • 6 Cities Across Brazil
  • Free Compensation Theme
  • Free Tax Advice
  • No Minimum Commitment

Land Investing

ROI Up To 28%Year

  • Free International Trade Account
  • Free Due Diligence
  • All Cities Across Brazil
  • Combined Asset Managing Themes
  • Free Tax Advice
  • 24/7 Free Support

Commercial Offices

ROI Up To 15%Year

  • Free International Trade Account
  • Free Due Diligence
  • All Main Cities Across Brazil
  • Top-notch Portfolio Management
  • Guaranteed Accumulated Return
  • Free Tax Advice and Support


House Tech Real Estate Funds Management

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Rua Geru, 480, Sala 14, Centro, Aracaju, SE, Brazil. 49010460.

Please note this is the only postal address for investors sending confidential documents such as personal identities to us. Our mobile offices in São Paulo, Rio and Salvador are for on-site projects only and not open to any external parties.




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